Sir Ross Sebastion ” Rosco”

Imported frozen semen to be used in 2022

Melbourne Bernese is honoured and excited to be working in conjunction with Six Mile Creek Ranch in British Columbia for the purchase of their Champion Bernese Mountain Dog Semen from Sir Rosco. After months and months of talking with the lovely and very well experienced Patty Edwards, the task was taken on to send some of Sir Ross Sebastion’s semen for the use in my breeding program at Melbourne Bernese. This will strengthen lines and add a wonderful resilience to my breeding program. Rosco also has fathered some stunning pups and most recent litter of 8 pups 4 girls and 4 boys, to say he is a proud father is probably and understatement.

Champion Bernerbay’s Sir Ross Sebastion

Detailed description from Six Mile Creek Ranch website;

Rosco is a gentle soul, holds all the attributes of the Breed that people have fallen in love with and sought to acquire in a family companion! He is sensitive, intelligent, all loving, incredibly athletic and agile! Rosco loves his mountain hikes, is never afraid to get his feet wet in a cool creek and is always eager to make us proud! First time showing he won his 2pt major towards his Canadian Championship! Local show in Vernon he came first and won Best of Breed. Spruce Meadows in Calgary he received Best Opposite and Best of Winners. Proud to have Rosco finish his Canadian Champion and the foundation sire of Six Mile Creek Kennels!

Health Information

Hips have an OFA score of Excellent

Negative for elbow dysplasia.

Eyes Clear and Normal OFA Cert 08/04/2018

VonWillebrands (-)

Sod1B (-) DM Carrier