Nutrition & Bernese

I would love to tell you one food suits all dogs, but thats like saying chicken agrees with all humans, it doesnt and we shouldnt expect our dogs to be the same.

Through my time as a devoted Bernese Mountain Dog lover and owner I have tried to provide my dogs with the Best of the Best in high quality nutritional dog food. I have tried so many kibble foods on my past dogs and more recently explored different feeding approaches. Ultimately we all want the same thing for our beloved family members and that is for them to be healthy, happy and living their best lives. For our beloved dogs and ourselves a great immune system and good skin and hair has everything to do with how healthy the GUT is. There are lots of things you can do to ensure this wellness with your puppy/dog is created.

I love using currently a grain free high protein kibble holistically formulated for a large breed puppy, focusing on slow and steady development. I choose Australian made, owned and all Australian ingredents which is mostly meat. Currently my food of choice is a brand called Stay Loyal owned and operated by Robert Belobrajdic (a breeder of 20 years) and David Kora.

I would also very happily feed my dog Ziwi and Frontier, two companies that have huge integrity when it comes to farmed live stock for pet food and also nutrition for pet food. It is at the end of the day a personal choice and we are lucky in Australia there is so much exceptional choice to be had.

Do I feed Raw? I would love to say YES but I feed a mix of kibble and raw, this way really works for me and my girls and it is a very balanced approach. I like to do chicken necks or chicken feet or another type of meaty bone in the morning this gives them a fun and filling activity while i do school drop off.

Bones also give their body a terrific boost of natural organic protein and nutrients, cleanse teeth and gums and cleanse your dogs digestive tract. It is incredibly satisfying for them as it works their jaw releasing tension and entertaining them too. My local butcher provides bags of chicken necks and they are a few dollars, I freeze them for two days then down the hatch.

Other raw food I add into their diet consists of a whole egg, shell and all, this is most fun for the dogs and its like nutrient bomb with calcium, protein, omega, and lots of other great immune boosting nutrients. Some frozen berries and a sardine or two, occasionally they will get cooked pumpkin which they think is AMAZING and for dogs it actually is a wonderful tasting wholesome food but also extremely good for them, it can settle down an upset tummy, help dogs with constipation or diarrhoea, improves digestion just to name a few. These added things are mix with their kibble. I must state this is not an every day occurrence, pumpkin is more of a treat, sardines 2-3 times a week, egg 3 times a week.

Recently I have also started using BIG DOG as a raw food option, and the benefits to my dogs have terrific. Consistency with the food and quality are of upmost importance.

I also freeze into cubes batches of bone broth which I give them and my family for added immune boosting properties & natural gelatine goodness. Safe to say any time of year it is a popular treat for the girls.

Supplements, This is an area I am seriously skeptical about especially within the pet industry. However when I am researching food or new pet products there can be something that really catches my attention. Then I have to see what others are saying about it and their experiences with the product. Currently I am using Augustine Approved Human Food for Dogs, A+ Super Dogs have nutritionally been given every opportunity to live the longest and healthiest lives possible. This organic powdered superfood makes up for everything that is potentially missing in their diet. If you would like more information there is a link above.

The other product I use daily with my dogs currently is CGF Cainine Gut Formula as approximately 70% of dogs immune system resides in the gut.

The healthier the gut microbiome, the healthier your pet will be overall, because it’s the immune system that must defend against disease.

CGF is a premium Pre + Probiotic that contains Saccharomyces boulardii, along with immunostimulant properties specifically for the canine gut. CGF may aid by balancing the canine’s microbiome. So fare I am really pleased with this product. I don’t have any affiliation with these products I am simply sharing my current opinions on them and whats attracted me to use them, at the end of the day I want to be able to say I gave my dogs absolutely everything to live life to their fullest potential, just as a I would with my own children.

Important to remember, as a new puppy owner or a seasoned dog owner to always be open to learning new ways of benefiting our dogs health. They dont have to be complicated, expensive or time consuming. Just be open to what your breeder is suggesting as their puppies are most important to them and they are working off a proven formula for health and wellness. Always do your own research though.

We all have the same aim, to raise and nurture healthy, happy dogs and puppies so they may live their best life.