PENNHIP is the most effective hip screening process for dogs of any breed. Research has been able to demonstrate that the PennHIP method surpasses other diagnostic methods in its ability to accurately predict susceptibility to developing the osteoarthritis of canine hip dysplasia. This finding has been corroborated by multiple independent laboratories. The PennHIP method can be performed on dogs as young as sixteen weeks of age compared with two years using the standard technique. The ability to receive an early estimate of a dog’s hip integrity is important whether the dog’s intended purpose is for breeding, for working or service use, or as a family pet.  At Thorben I choose to get the PennHip done at 12 months of age.

“Today, the general veterinary consensus is that hip dysplasia is a heritable disease manifested as hip joint laxity that leads to the development of OA. So a knowledge of hip joint laxity is key to predicting the ultimate development of the osteoarthritis OA of Canine Hip Dysplasia” – AIS PENNHIP

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