How to place your interest in a puppy

I do not have a waiting list, as you never know what you will get in a litter. However I do offer a questionnaire that can be filled out so I can assess at the time of having puppies who is going to be a good match to that puppy. Each puppy has a very different personality and markings are individual.

All updates when I have them will be communicated via the website and my social media page, link on front page of my website.

Puppy Plans for 2022

MELBOURNE BERNESE, hopes to welcome a litter or two at the start of 2022 and we are excited to see what unfolds. More will be update as time allows. A puppy questionnaire is to be requested from Melbourne Bernese and filled out to start of the puppy enquiry process. Please also follow us on Insta @thorben_melbournebernese to keep up to date with daily Melbourne Bernese happiness.