COCO is a playful puppy at heart, she was adopted by me when she was 4 months old and has brought a lot of joy ever since. Coco is a girl that likes to do things at her pace, walks, play, chasing her bestie Mickey in the yard ( and normally wins because Mickey being wiser lets her).
What we love most about our girl Coco Velvet is that she is incredibly affectionate, if you are sitting down she will be on you or try somehow to wrap herself around you, and kisses are included. Cuddles are her medicine and she can never ever get enough of them. She loves her spot inside the house where she sits and watches the bustling home making sure she stretches a paw out at any passer by so she can her a nose rub or cuddle.

” Cuddles are her medicine and she can never ever get enough of them”

Loene & Coco overlooking the Yarra Valley

About Coco
She is safe around pet bunnies and will actually protect them from foxes which is true to her breed origin.
She is very sociable and safe around other dogs, very responsive, and relaxed once she has gauged the situation
She loves to have a run in a field or run after a ball, but then is happy to have a sit on the grass and enjoy some pats, she will follow along on a walk but really she is very content after about a good half hour of walking a day.

DOB 27.7.2018

Coco Velvets Hip & Elbow Scores

Hips 1:1
Elbows 0:0

Heart : Clear

Coco had her first beautiful litter of pups this year 2021 a boy and a girl puppy arrived healthy and thriving. She is a great mum.

Coco and her first litter 2021 Boy and Girl puppy