Lily is our youngest member of the Thorben girls and dearly loved. Lily is almost 6 months and incredibly intelligent and affectionate. You will most often find Lily on her back reaching out for tummy rubs, Lily is a typical pup who loves interaction with new people, loves her people and her pack. Lily has beautiful symmetry in her markings and is a healthy thriving and curious puppy.

I started training Lily from near 8 weeks very slowly and gently, we then joined her sister at puppy school to meet other young pups and she has really enjoyed that weekly activity. Lily has been raised around my 5 year old and 3 year old so nothing surprises her with the businesses young children create in the home. Lily is a very calm and happy go lucky puppy.

Lily DOB 20.12.2019

Hip: & Elbows: To be done around 12 months