Mickey is very simply – The Boss Lady! No two ways about it.

Mickeys two favourite things are running in the play yard and playing chase a game she fondly loves with both Coco and myself & resting inside with the family. Normally after a walk and some outside time she is ready to retire to her cosy bed (that was purchased for her daughter Lily BUT like I said she is the The Boss). Mickey is a very patient girl and I actual notice this to be a very strong Bernese trait or it could just been the Bernese I have owned, her patience with Coco and Lily is wonderful and I always greatly admire her for her mothering of both of them (washing faces and allowing them to be a little silly) . When Mickey is inside she likes a quiet and relaxed house hold. Its great training for the human children who she loves to get tummy rubs from.

Mickey is incredible to witness with her own puppies, so attentive, gentle, nurturing and dedicated. Mickey could of chosen to spend a lot of time away from her pups but she let her puppies feed when they wanted and as often as they wanted. Once they all fell asleep she would come to me with her tail waging and like any new mum be excited to make it to the toilet for a break. Mickey is my right hand girl and travels most places with me, loves the car and any adventure that comes with a ride. She has a thick beautiful full body coat wavy and lush, Mickey displays a beautiful big smile when she knows she is about to go on a walk or into her play space. Grateful for every day with Mickey.


On February 12th 2021 Mickey had her 3rd and final litter, she is currently raising her last litter and is soaking up every minute I believe. She had 3 boys and 1 girl. These pups all have loving homes waiting for them come the middle of April 2021. I am so grateful for Mickey girl, she has truly been a remarkable mum and my great companion.

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